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During testnet journey, CloudBase Finance has shown significant progress both for the ecosystem and community.

CloudBase Finance now ready for 🟡nchain Summer


🌤️ Ecosystem
🌤️ Tokenomics
🌤️ Road Map
🌤️ Airdrops


The CloudBase ecosystem consists of 7 core functions, including Exchange, Real Yield, LaunchPad, LaunchPool, AMM NFT, NFT MarketPlace, and Games

The Exchange is the backbone of CloudBase, complemented by other components such as Liquidity Pool, Trade Mining, Liquidity Mining, etc.

CloudBase Swap is a cutting-edge automated market maker (AMM) platform that enables users to swap two tokens on the BASE network with ease.

The exchange’s liquidity is made possible by Liquidity Providers (LPs), who stake their tokens in Liquidity Pools.

As a result, users receive LP tokens, which can be further staked to earn $CLOUD tokens in the “Farms”.

When users make a token swap (trade) in the Exchange tab, a trading fee of 0.3% will be charged, which is broken down in the following way:

0.2% — LP Reward for Liquidity Providers
0.03% — $CLOUD token Burn
0.05% — CloudBase Earn (Mining, Gaming, BO, Lottery)
0.02% — CloudBase Team


Staking is a powerful feature on the CloudBase platform that enables users to earn rewards by locking their $CLOUD tokens in a staking pool.

By doing so, users can earn a significant APY, which varies depending on the duration of the staking period. The longer the staking period, the higher the APY.

Staking on CloudBase is a simple and secure way to generate passive income from your crypto assets.


CloudBase Farms offer multiple farming opportunities to our users. You can stake your LP tokens and earn $CLOUD tokens in return. We will incentivize many liquidity pairs by offering our Liquidity Providers the chance to stake their LP tokens in our farms.

Each farm has its own APR, depending on the value of LP tokens, reward multiplier, trading volume, and price of $CLOUD.

On CloudPad, you can purchase new tokens using $CLOUD directly and take advantage of Initial DEX Offerings (IDOs) to increase your profits.

With IDOs, you can participate in the early stages of a new token launch and potentially earn higher returns on your investment.

CloudBase Launchpool provides a less resource-intensive option compared to mining, where users can earn additional tokens by Staking and Farming their existing tokens.

In other words, by locking up their cryptocurrency, users can receive rewards. Initially, only skating $CLOUD tokens would yield more $CLOUD tokens, but in the future, CloudBase have the option to stake and Farm $CLOUD tokens to earn other tokens as well.

An CLOUDBASE NFT AMM is a trading platform that provides instant buying or selling of NFTs through liquidity pools. It functions as a marketplace that utilizes an AMM mechanism to set prices for assets based on the laws of supply and demand.

With an NFT AMM, traders can easily trade NFTs without needing to go through a traditional exchange.

The AMM algorithm automatically matches orders based on available liquidity in the pool, which ensures quick and efficient transactions.

Additionally, because the pricing is algorithmically determined by supply and demand, the prices are transparent and fair for both buyers and sellers.

Eg: AMM marketplaces allow you to create liquidity pools with pairs consisting of your chosen NFT and the marketplace’s supported token (e.g. DeGods/SOL pool or Azuki/ETH pool).

The advantage of having an AMM feature is that you don’t have to wait for somebody to eventually agree to your price. You can sell your NFTs instantly and earn trading fees from your pool!

Overall, an NFT AMM provides a user-friendly and efficient way to trade NFTs on the CloudBase platform.

CloudBase serves as an intermediary platform that enables users to trade NFT collections within the BASE ecosystem.

Additionally, CloudBase provides support for listing and launching potential NFT collections on the BASE.

The entertainment center features games that allow users and $CLOUD holders to earn additional rewards.

🌤️ Binary Options (soon)
🌤️ Lottery (soon)


Total Supply : 100.000.000 $CLOUD




Criteria :
1. Hold $Cloud Token in testnet
2. Own $Dragon Token


🌤️ Go to
🌤️ Swap ETH — Cloud for 1.000 $Cloud minimum


$DRAGON Profile :
Contract : 0x7583C1C6a6fdfAd5780588884f231e4b6D900eCb
Network : Optimism (mainnet)
Supply : 121 million
Holder : 2.950 (as per 3rd August 2023)

By staking CloudBase Finance’s NFTs Collection you can earn $DRAGON token

☁️ CloudBase Rising Dragon (500 $Dragon daily)
☁️ CloudBase x Base Name Services (200 $Dragon daily)
☁️ Celestial (Tianlong) (2,000 $Dragon daily)

Celestial (Tianlong) NFT is a special collection of Cloudbase Finance. Originally, it was evolved by merging 2 NFTs :
☁️ Rising Dragon NFT and BaseNS NFT ; or
☁️ Rising Dragon NFT and Base Connector NFT

But, error rate applied, if merge process fails, you will lose the BaseNS Cloud NFT or the Base Connector NFT, but Rising Dragon NFT remains still at your wallet.

If you decide to evolve, below is step by step :

🌤️ Click on the button
🌤️ Approve and Sign in your wallet

NOTE : You will be warned by your wallet bout your related NFTs will be transfer all, it’s normal since it’s ERC-1155

If your NFTs ready, now Stake It :
☁️ CloudBase Rising Dragon → HERE
☁️ BaseNS Cloud NFT → HERE
☁️ Celestial (TianLong) NFT → HERE

🌟 CloudBase will allocate a certain amount of token Airdrop for $DRAGON holders according to the following mechanism:
- The top 10% $DRAGON holders will receive 50% of the Community Pool.
- The next 20% $DRAGON holders will receive 20% of the Community Pool.
- The last 70% $DRAGON holders will receive 30% of the Community Pool.

NOTE : Stake on Optimism Mainnet



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