Sisu Network (Incentivized Testnet Guide) — $2000 Potential

3 min readMay 11, 2023


Sisu Network, a blockchain-based platform for decentralized finance (DeFi) applications. The testnet is designed to incentivize users to test and provide feedback on the Sisu Network Protocol by rewarding them with test tokens. It allows developers to experiment with the platform and to identify and resolve any potential issues before the mainnet launch.

Before we start, I’m gonna show you the big picture of what we’re going to do, so you’ll have fully understanding about the process ;

  1. Preparation
  2. Testnet Task
  3. Social Task

You can see the table below for the detail ;


1. Add Network to Metamask

There are several network supported on testnet but i’m going to use Avalanche Fuji ,Fantom Testnet, and Polygon Mumbai you can take as your wish.

2. Add Test Token

We need a Test Token for Gas Fee and Transaction

2.a. Test Token for Gas Fee

2.b. Test Token for Transaction

Grab all available token on three network that we add previously.

3. Join Community

Joining community quite important, not only join but you have to be actived. Mostly, they will count your XP in the community and weighted to be considered for AIRDROP / INCENTIVE. You also can get a lot of valuable information right from the source.




Click link below

2. dAPP Task (Currently only available SWAP)

Test all the possible chain. Example : Avalance to Fantom , Polygon to Avalance, etc

Give permission > Swap > Confirm transaction

After confirmation you will a picture above.

Click Link 1 And Link 2, Copy link to complete task on (crew3)

DONE, that’s all the task for TESTNET

Repeat the task 3x a week



After running a Testnet Task, you need to give some feedback, visit their DISCORD, and put some valuable feedback on # testnet-feedback channel

And, you need to active on Sisu’s Discord, participate on the game , etc


Visit Zealy : LINK

· Complete daily task and all task everyday.

· There are 4 quest for testnet on Crew3. First one is one-time, just visit Sisu website.

·Another 3 quest is same & weekly, you need to do 3 bridge & submit transaction link of both source & destination chain.

~ That’s all guys ~