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EtherMail is the first Web 3.0 Email solution to set the standard for anonymous and encrypted wallet-to-wallet communication.

With EtherMail, companies can send rich, relevant content directly to their asset holders based on blockchain-synced real-time information.

EtherMail also allows fully anonymous P2P communication and rewards its users for reading relevant content in their inboxes.

In summary, individuals will now be able to communicate anonymously from one wallet owner to another and also reward their users for reading relevant information in their inboxes.

EtherMail was founded by Shant Kevonian, CEO and Gerald Heydenreich, Co-founder in late 2021.

EtherMail has been able to raise $7M in total. It concluded its last seed raise on March 8, 2023.

You can find the details on Crunchbase

Your qualification for the airdrop may largely be dependent on points gathered.

You can earn points at the moments on EtherMail through these five(5) ways

  • Reading E-mails — Gives you +1 EMC
  • Connecting your wallet to get access to your EtherMail account — Gives you +50 EMC
  • Leaving a secondary E-mail — Gives you +200 EMC
  • Completing IMAP connections — Gives you +500 EMC
  • Inviting friends — Gives you +250 EMC

1. Set Up Your Wallet And Fund It With Ethereum On Mainnet

You will need a Metamask Wallet or any suitable wallet. Use the link below to download it directly.

Metamask —

2. Click On Sign Up And Connect Your Wallet

Using the link:

This is my referral link. I will appreciate you use it.

When you do, you will receive +250 EMC and I also will receive +250 EMC.

Then, approve all authentications.

3. Input Your E-Mail ( Secondary e-mail)

You are expected to put in your e-mail here.

4. Inviting New Friends

When you share your referral link, and a friend gets registered, you will receive +250 EMC.

Your referral link should look like this :

This is mine. Remember to sign up using the link.

Do well to share yours to earn EMC.

Check below to know what EMC is

5. Set Up IMAP Connections

This has to do with connecting your E-mail (Gmail, Yahoo, etc) to your EtherMail.

This will enable you to receive whatever email is sent to your mail(Gmail, Yahoo, etc) on your Ethermail. And when you read the mail through your Ethermail, you will earn EMC tokens.

To do this, follow these steps. It’s not difficult, don’t worry!!

  • Go to your e-mail setting and click on “ all settings”
  • Click on “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” and then “Add a forwarding address”
  • When this pops up put in your Ethermail-mail address here

I will show you how to get it.

Click on the first mail you received when you registered and copy “the recipient address” which is you.

Then put in the verification code sent to confirm.

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